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Hello and welcome to Holiday Shoppers – our website is here to summarize some of the best deals that we have found while shopping around for the cheapest holiday deals on offer across the world today. Cheap holiday deals are offered by all travel providers, but not for all routes, for this reason we have a team of experts scouring trade brochures and the internet in order to unearth the diamond offers that are out there and synergize them all for our customers – presented via the portal of the Holiday Shoppers website. Cheap holiday deals 2011 come in various shapes and sizes. They are available to all of the obvious and expected destinations, but for more adventurous travellers there are also great holiday deals to destinations that do not usually receive many tourists. The African continent has many wonderful locations that do not get the attention that they deserve and a harmonious mix of improving infrastructure plus low low prices means that 2011 was all set to be the year of African tourism. We are, of course, keen to promote this option – but any continent you want to visit has offers that will please and seduce you to get your credit card out and start booking your flights and hotels!

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The massive fluctuations in world currency at the moment are making giving fixed prices a precarious activity as local currencies change daily with the unstable state of the international economy. For example, the Great British pound has gone from being equivalent to 75 Thai Bhat in 2007, to being only 46 Thai Bhat as I write this. However, in the last couple of months alone, that has varied between 45 and 55 Bhat, so it is very difficult to come up with exact prices until you actually make an enquiry. Any price that we quote we will guarantee for three days and we will cover any additional costs that are incurred during this period of currency fluctuation, however, if the price drops then we will allow you to make that saving. We believe that this considerate and caring approach distinguishes us from our competitors and will ensure that our customer satisfaction levels remain high. However, the mental state of the world economy may be unhinged, but this has actually been a good thing for consumer as the cheapest holiday deals, conversely, are offered by the companies which have been hardest hit by the economic slump. In this respect, cheap holidays deals being offered are a way to maintain tourism and stay in the black as the pinch is felt across the globe. While this is a concern for the long term sustainability of the travel and tourism industry, when it comes to cheap holiday deals 2011 it is great for those who still have the money to travel and are looking to spot a bargain. That’s where we come in handy, we go around the world looking for the best deals and bring them back to offer them to our clients and ensure that they get the best deals out there.

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When it comes to the cheapest holiday deals we cannot be beaten as our extensive network, which covers the globe, ensures that we are always in the know and stay ahead of the curve. A tipping point took place when our international staff seeking out the best deals hit 150 – we now have more staff engaged in this task than any other travel company, and this enables us to offer cheap holiday deals at significantly cheaper prices than other agencies. We encourage you to put us to the test and are sure that you will be impressed by the wide selection of deals which we are able to offer, both on conventional destinations and beyond. We ensure that, at the very least, we will be able to match others on hotels and flights, and are sure that in most cases we will be able to offer prices which undercut other agencies by rather spectacular margins. It has been true over the past few years and in relation to cheap holiday deals 2011 it is as true as it has ever been. Get in touch today and let us rock your world, like Michael Jackson performing at his peak. We cordially invite you to take a good look around our website to get some further information, and if you like what you see then by all means get in touch with us and we will offer you a quotation on your proposed journey that will make you smile from ear to ear – that is what we do here at Holiday Shoppers.